About Us

our mission


Karma Corporate is a place where business meets the metaphysical, meaning simple products for all and access to make their lives the best they can be. Our goal is to connect people to the healing modalities through understandable yoga, healthy everyday products and simple written word. These paths to happiness and health are for everyone, not just the yogi who can touch their toes or the meditator that sits for hours. Karma Corporate fills that gap between the person that wants a little understandable woo woo in their lives, but wants to know the why, where and how. This business was created for you!!



 With over 15 years as a corporate trainer, Owner and Founder of Karma Corporate Renee Meena decided to put her teaching skills where they matter, and became a yoga teacher. After teaching yoga for ten years, she saw a gap that needed to be filled and created Karma Corporate. She is currently teaching, writing and creating new products.



Home to YoReiki® a registered trademarked methodology of various yoga modalities, taught in studios and online. Zen Girl products started in yoga classes and are now available for purchase in yoga studios and online. Book is currently in the process of being written and is out in 2024. More products to come! Namaste